The date is set: Saturday 2 October 2010

We’ve set the date and we’re online.  Far more organised than last year.

I thought it would be useful to get something online to help us get ready for the 2010 Cambridge Apple Day.  A wordpress blog seemed like the easiest option.  It’s free and it can reach even those Luddites who can’t bring themselves to get on facebook or other forms of “social media” (yes, that means you Matt).

So far, we haven’t done much more than set a date – Saturday 2 October.  Get it in your diaries now.  We’ll be hosting at our house again this year, unless any better offers emerge. Over the next few days I’ll give the kit the once-over and figure out what we need to get done in advance.  I hope that I can call on our trusty band of volunteers to help out.

I know that lots of people want to have a go at brewing their own Cyder this year.  Based on last year’s performance, there will be lots of juice to go round – something like 54 gallons.  I’ll post a list of kit that you’ll need so that people can start sourcing that.  Most of it you should be able to blag without too much trouble.

The really good news is that we’ve got a barrel of cider brewed from last year’s Apple Day ready to crack open.  I can’t wait.  The bottled stuff is amazing and if you still haven’t tried any, then pop round and get some.  No doubt that there’ll be a few bottles of the fizzy stuff opened for a tasting session on the day.  My advice is that you leave the car at home.

I am told that the secret to a good blog post is to keep it short.  Goodbye for now.


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