That is a lot of apples

An amazing weekend of scrumping.

Of course, these photos are all from Saturday, which was glorious sunshine.  Sunday was a completely different matter – rain so hard we could barely see the trees.  No photos of that fun – we just wanted to get back in the car as quickly as possible.

In any case, we bagged an enormous pile of apples that are neatly stored in three (yes, three) tumps.  No method in that madness other than we filled the first one, built a second, which got filled (while we were out scrumping) and then built a third one (which is a proper bodge job).

I have literally no idea how we are going to press all of these apples.  I just hope that the volunteers turn up.  Otherwise I’ll be taking a week off work.

If you haven’t received the official invite, but you want to get involved, then drop me or Jane an email on or jane

More to follow on the blog soon.


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