Apple Day 2010

A huge thank you to everyone for making Cambridge Apple Day 2010 a great success.  I’ve posted a selection of photos, which you can access through this link (even if you don’t have a facebook account):

Awards for the day:

Master of scrumping – Phil McBrien.  Easily responsible for scrumping 50% of the apples pressed.

Master scratter – Ed Sutton.  All the more impressive given he doesn’t drink cyder. Described scratting as “easily one of the most satisfying things I have ever done”.

Master of the press – jointly awarded to Olly and Andy, with an honourable mention to Sarah Sutton for coining the phrase “man-squeeze” to describe the last half turn of the screw.

Master of washing the crud off apples – Matt.  Unsurprisingly, the job nearest to the barrel of cyder.

Feeding the five thousand award – Jane.  Shame that five thousand people didn’t turn up, but an amazing spread none-the-less.  Medals to everyone who brought sustenance.

Photography award – Chloe.  No competition there – almost 400 photos, sadly none of Jo Cafferkey smiling.

Sunshine award – the BBC weather service / god (depending on your belief system).  An exceptionally stunning day in a week of misery and rain.

The day in stats:

– 60 gallons of apple juice pressed

– 1 barrel of cyder drunk

– 8 sacks of used pulp created

– 1 sneaky variety of crab pear that made it into the tump disguised as an apple

– 0 apples left in my garden

– 0 health and safety incidents

Thanks again to everyone.  If you put your name down for a demi-john to make your own cyder, then make sure you pick it up in the next couple of days.

More to come on the blog.  We’ll do some posts on the magical process of turning juice into cyder and let you know the details of bottling day.


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