Our new apple press part 2

This is the long-overdue second installment of my blog describing the process of making a new apple press.  Scroll down if you missed part 1.

Onto Stage 3 and out with the chain morticer again to make the tenon and mortice for the moving lateral beam.  It’s a brilliant bit of kit. Basically a massive chain saw set in a frame that makes sure you get a straight cut and even depth.

Only a little bit of tidying up with a chisel required and we’ve got a neat groove.  Important that the moving beam fits loosely.  Once that’s all sorted and the moving lateral has been sized and shaped, it’s time to put the whole thing together.








The laterals were fixed with 8 made-to-measure coach bolts, which means that the press can easily be taken apart for transport and storage (it fit comfortably in the back of my Golf estate) and the uprights connected to the feet with dowel, which means
they’re fixed good.

Stage 4 was making the tray.  Larch slats made to fit snugly around the plastic tray that we had made-to-measure.  (Note: the plastic tray wasn’t cheap c£100, but a heck of a lot easier than trying to make a tray that won’t leak precious juice).






And that’s pretty much it.  Still got to make the box frame in which you build the cheeses and separators that go between them.  Nothing too technical there, but I’ll post another blog when I’ve got the whole lot together and running.

Looks like Cambridge Apple Day will be a lot less hard work with this bit of kit.  Last year we managed something like 60 gallons on a barrel press.  This should do the same a lot quicker or much more in the same time…

I hope this blog has been useful.  If you want more details or have any questions, please leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.  Feel free to email Gerwyn direct on gerwyn.june@btinternet.com if you’ve got technical questions or want to book yourself in to make a press.

More posts to come as we get ready for Apple Day 2011, including an update on the sad story of the exploding batch of bottles.

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1 Response to Our new apple press part 2

  1. Way to go Phil. Wait til I show this to the Marches Cyder Circle – you’ll get loads of orders for them.

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