More apples please

A great day scrumping today. After a false start with one heavily laden tree that we were denied access to, our friends at the Newnham Model Railway came up trumps again. We managed to fill about five sacks from their beautiful trees and left a goodly quantity of cider behind for the guys to enjoy.

We’re also hoping that our friends at Cambridge 28th Scouts will be gathering some apples for us this week.  Obviously, the scouts will be paid in juice not cider!  This could be an exciting new partnership between Cambridge Apple Day and the scouts.  Other troops take note.

We’re still in need though.  It’s been such a tough year for apples that many of our best regular scrumps are completely bare.  With only a week to go, it’s looking a bit worrying and we need every lead that we can get.

We’re not short of volunteers up for a bit of scrumping, so please let us know of any trees with fruit that is likely to be going to waste.  We can turn them into apple juice and delicious cider.

More details of the Apple Day itself on the blog over the next few days. Don’t forget to let us know if you’re planning on coming along.

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