10 days to go! What to start collecting…

So Phil has built this year’s apple tump (photos to follow) and the apples are trickling in. Now is the time to start collecting apples!

Other things to start collecting before apple day:

– Plastic bottles for apple juice e.g. old milk containers. Give them a good clean in hot soapy water and let them fully dry. That way, the juice will probably last about 4 days in the fridge (it’s unpasturized so will start fermenting after then due to the natural yeasts). It can also be frozen.

– Demijohns or other containers for fermenting juice, if you fancy having a go at making your own this year. You’ll also need some sterilizing solution, airlocks with bungs and some resealable glass bottles (e.g. Grolsh bottles). Cutlacks on Mill Road is a good place to get brewing stuff. I’ll make a sheet of instructions about what to do – it’s very easy, honest.

– More apples!

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