Scrumping time

Cambridge Apple Day is only a week away!  Scrumping time!

Today was a perfect day for scrumping, with crisp, clear autumn skies and not a drop of rain.  A double top for Phil McBrien (pictured below).  First he spots four heavily laden trees and secures legitimate scrumping privileges in return for the promise of a barrel of cider for the owners.  Then he turns up with two huge fruit pickers to make light work of the job.

In an hour and a half we filled the boots of two cars.  We’ve filled one tump already and I’ve had to build a new one.  Loads of apples left in this secret and exclusive location.

Unless someone pulls something special out of the bag, it looks like Phil McBrien will be taking home the coveted (and newly invented) scrumper of the year award.  You’d best get your skates on though, rumour has it that Phil has already lined up another monster scrump for tomorrow.

This is the week to get out there and harvest those apples.  The key to making delicious cider (at least the way we do it) is variety, so the more people get involved the better. Cookers, crabs, cider apples or tasty eaters – it’s all good as long as you chuck out the mouldy and badly bruised.

Every bag makes a difference, so knock on doors, climb fences, jump over walls.  If you get caught, just tell them it’s the Big Society.

See you on Saturday 2 October scrumpers.


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1 Response to Scrumping time

  1. Cathy says:

    PS – the two huge fruit pickers are also known as Dylan and Conor.

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