Scrumping time is here again

Just a week to go until Cambridge Apple Day 2011.  It’s the weekend for some serious scrumping.  We’re already on our way with half a tump of apples, but we need a big push this weekend to make sure we’ve got enough for a decent pressing next week.

An updated set of simple rules to follow:

1. Make sure you ask permission, but don’t be afraid to ask.  Most people don’t make good use of their apples and will thank you for saving them the chore of filling the green bin.  If you see a tree in someone’s garden, knock on the door.  It’s the big society. [Note: I have been informed that mentioning the big society might not have the desired effect in socialist areas.]

2. Variety is really important, but let’s stick to apples this year.  Our method of cider making relies on getting a great mix of different types of apple: eaters, cookers, crabs, so try to scrump a couple of trees at least.  Last year someone went a step too far and scrumped a load of crab pears.

3. Get as many as you can, but chuck out anything with mould. Don’t pick from orchards with livestock in.  Feel free to drop them round to Phil and Jane’s house if you can’t store them until the big day – the tump is ready and waiting.

By the way the photo is (thankfully) of the Shropshire Apple Day tump, an altogether bigger affair with a press to match.  Check out their website in the links.

If you haven’t already done so, make sure you drop me or Jane an email so we know how many people are coming.  Instructions, cries for help and regular weather reports will follow on this blog in the next few days.

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