Getting ready for Apple Day

Only a few days until Cambridge Apple Day.  If you haven’t confirmed attendance yet, then drop us an email to let us know you’re coming.  It’s looking like a record attendance, so even more important that we know how many to cater for.

A few tips if you’re coming:

1.Bring some apples – we’ve made a great start, but we’re only about half way there.  If you can, bring some apples with you – look at the earlier blog for guidance on scrumping

2. Bring some containers for juice – make sure you bring along a couple of clean bottles to take home some juice, e.g. old milk containers. Give them a good clean in hot soapy water amd a rinse. The juice will last about 4 days in the fridge after which it will start fermenting. It can be frozen and enjoyed later.

3. If you want to make some cider, you can – it’s easier than you think.  You’ll need a demijohn (or other container), some sterilizing solution, sparkling wine yeast, sugar, airlocks with bungs and some resealable glass bottles (e.g. Grolsh bottles). Cutlacks on Mill Road is a good place to get brewing stuff. We’ve got some spare kit here, if you’re interested, drop Phil or Jane an email and we’ll see if we can sort you out.  We’ll put some instructions on the blog.

4. If you can, bring some food – Jane will be making the traditional hog roast, but if you can bring a side dish or cake along it would help a lot.  Drop Phil or Jane an email to let us know what to expect or if you need some inspiration.  Extra points awarded for dishes involving apples.

An amazing weekend scrumping. 

Huge thanks to everyone who worked so hard this weekend to fill the tumps.  Some deserving of a special mention:

Dylan: who tried to personally taste every apple that we scrumped, but found himself limited by only having two hands.  They were all delicious apparently.

The Balzanos: Becky, Rocco and the boys made a huge contribution on their debut.  Utterly brazen in their seeking of scrumping privileges to the point of being berated by a Victorian woman for “pillaging the beautiful trees of the fruit that I enjoy looking at”.

Phil McBrien: once again filling the tumps while we were out scrumping. The lone scrumper.

Vicky and Tom: delivering eight different types of apples, sorted into individual bags (which have now been mixed up in the tump).

Weather report

So far, the weather forcast looks good for the weekend.  The BBC has this to say:

“Signs are that high pressure may never be too far away through much of at least the first half of October, meaning many of us may well see some pleasantly warm days in the next few weeks.”

No equivocation there then.  Fingers crossed.

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