Looking forward to Apple Day tomorrow

We’re all set and looking forward to Apple Day tomorrow.  It promises to be an absolute scorcher, so make sure you bring some sun tan lotion and a hat.

We’re aiming to kick off about 10 a.m. and will run through until all the apples are pressed or the cider has been drunk.  Jane will be serving hog roast with apple sauce and stuffing from 12.30, but they’ll be plenty of food to graze on throughout the day.

I’ve just tasted the barrel of cider from last year and it’s delicious.  You should definitely leave the car at home.  We’ll have fresh apple juice just as soon as we can get a press on.

I’ve got a few bottles of the good stuff (last year’s non-exploding champagne cyder) for those who stay to the end to help with the clear up.

What to bring?

Apples.  We’ve got a fair pile now, but the heat has done it’s damage and there’s a bit of rotting going on.  If you can bring some apples along please do.  If we get short, we’ll send out some scrumping parties.

Bottles to take home some juice.  Old milk or pop bottles would do a treat.  Soapy wash and a rinse.

Food.  Jane is taking care of the hog roast and veggie alternative.  Lots of people have already said they’re bringing side dishes and cakes along.  Don’t let that put you off though.  Prizes for the best apple dish.

Sun cream and hats.  Seriously, 28 degrees.

All that’s left to do now is spend tonight worrying about whether the kit new and old is going to work.  Fingers crossed and anyway, there’s always the cider.

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1 Response to Looking forward to Apple Day tomorrow

  1. A great day and a new record pressing for Cambridge apple day!

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