Apple Day 2011

Huge thanks to everyone who turned out for Cambridge Apple Day – without a doubt the most successful that we’ve had so far.   It was a great event with lots of old hands and newbies all getting involved. As ever, the children did most of the real work (albeit under expert adult supervision at all times, honest).

The weather was incredible – 28 degrees in October – and the food was fantastic again.  Special thanks to Jane for the hog roast and everyone else who brought along a dish.  We all agreed that the cider made from last year’s apple day was some of the best we’ve ever tasted – both in the barrel and (for those that stayed to the end) the champagne cyder.  There’s still some bottles from last year left, so volunteers should give me a shout if you want to collect some.

Delighted to report that the new press worked a treat.  In total we reckon we produced over 70 gallons of juice, quite a lot of which was guzzled by the kids, but some of which is now busily fermenting away.  We want to avoid the “unexpectedly bursting bottles” problem that Stella Artois shared with us last year, so I’ve taken gravity readings with my trusty hydrometer.  For the geeks: the ten fermenters vary in gravity from 1044 to 1054.

Photos have been posted on the Cambridge Apple Day facebook page while those without facebook accounts can see them here.

Thanks again everyone.  We’ll update the blog as the cider making process progresses.


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2 Responses to Apple Day 2011

  1. Also, we’ve ended up with 4 sun hats and 2 pairs of sunglasses if anyone wants to claim them!

  2. One sun hat and one pair of shades are mine. I’ll pick them up soon


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