Bring us your apples

Today we officially opened the tump and Dylan and Bethan had the honour of putting in the first apple of the year.


For the uninitiated, the tump is what we use to store the apples that are collected in the run up to apple day.  This year’s is a beauty thanks to the kind donation of some used pallets from our local scout leader (cheers Jeremy).

Over the next two weeks it needs to look a lot more like this (that is, full of apples):


Which is where you come in… we need everyone who can to start scrumping.  We follow some simple rules here at the Cambridge Apple Day.

1. Ask before you scrump, but don’t be afraid to ask.  Most people with apple trees don’t really know what to do with them and you’ll probably be doing them a favour.  If you need an incentive, we’ve got some delicious bottled cider that’s ready now.  Come and get a few bottles to say thanks for the apples.

2. We take any type of apple.  We follow the centuries old recipe for cider making that basically involves having a great mix of cider apples, eaters, cookers and crabs.  Sweet or sour we want them all.

3. Windfalls are fine as long as they aren’t from orchards with animals in.  Throw away anything with mold on, but a bit of bruising isn’t usually a problem.

A huge thank you to everyone who has contributed so far to our campaign to raise funds for new equipment.  Every donation large or small brings us a step closer to making our Apple Day bigger, better and safer.  Click the image below to make your donation and claim your reward of cider.

Fullscreen capture 21092014 222548.bmp

And finally, if you’re coming to apple day this year (Sunday 5 October), please remember to email me or Jane to confirm so we know how many to cater for.

Now, get scrumping!


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