T-4 until Apple Day

Four more days until Apple Day! The weather forecast is cloudy but dry which suits us just fine. The apple tump is also starting to look at bit more respectable. The whole garden smells of apples.

but that’s only a start, as always, we need more apples! Any kind is fine, including cookers and crabs, so get scrumping.

We had a donation of apples from the local 28th Cambridge Scouts on the doorstep last  night:

Thanks scouts! We’d love to come and do another apple pressing session with you using our new, safer fruit mill.

Speaking of which, the fruit mill campaign is going well, up to a brilliant 81% thanks to a last minute donation from stalwart Cambridge Apple Day supporters Cyril McDonald and Louise Lomax. But with only 4 days until the project ends, we’ve still got some way to go.

So if you were considering donating, now’s the time to do it – remember we only get the pledges if we reach the total. You can donate via our Yimby project page.

More soon – happy scrumping, scrumpers!

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