You’re awesome – Ed is saved.

Fullscreen capture 02102014 201407.bmpWe did it!  Thanks to our fantastic group of supporters, we have raised the £795 we need to buy a spanking new Vigo fruit mill.  You are awesome!

If you haven’t pledged yet, you still can.  If we exceed the target we’ll use the money to buy more essential equipment that will help us produce even more cider to give away.  We promise to publish a full account of every penny on this blog.

Make a pledge here and we promise you gratitude, fame, cider and our recipe for eternal youth in return.

We’ll also publish a list of all of the generous donors after the campaign has ended, but for now a special “thank you” to Will and Fran Perrin whose super generous £115 took us up to the finish line. Cider will be yours.

In fact, it’s double awesome, because those brilliant people at Vigo were so impressed by your fundraising efforts that they shipped us a fruit mill on loan in advance, so we will definitely have a beautiful yellow fruit mill for this Sunday’s Apple Day.

Amanda at Vigo was super helpful and I can warmly recommend them for all your apple day needs.  Click the picture below if you want to check them out.

Fullscreen capture 02102014 202622.bmpAnd so as Apple Day approaches, let us not forget the real reason for all of these fundraising efforts: Ed.

Thanks to all of your generosity, Ed is finally safe.


No more fears that his hand will be chomped up by my grim attempt to adapt a garden shredder with a cardboard tube for safety.

No more splinters of wood flying out at his face as he tries to free the apples that have got stuck on the blades with a bamboo cane.

No more back-aching chore of feeding the apples in one at a time for 8 hours solid.

No more hideously loud grinding noise.


You did it for cider.  You did it for community.

You did it to stop me spamming you on facebook, twitter, email and text.

But most of all, you did it for Ed.

Thank you


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1 Response to You’re awesome – Ed is saved.

  1. Bob says:

    Hello, is it possible to borrow or hire your new apple mill for a day or two? I’m based just outside Cambridge and still have a load of apples that need processed. I currently have the Abbey Community Press, but need something slightly better than the crusher than comes with it.

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